Review : Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

The new 7-seater petrol version replaces the previous 5-seat diesel version Tiguan.

Final Verdict : A more practical SUV than the standard Tiguan with a lot more power and better performance but the third row is very confined. 3.5 out of 5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Although extremely competent and very likeable, the Volkswagen Tiguan never really set the sales charts on fire. At almost Rs. 40 lakh on-road, it was expensive, especially considering its near-compact-SUV size. In addition, the 143HP diesel engine made only sufficient power, and there was no third row of seats either. Sure, there were many premium bits worthy of its price tag, and it was more than pleasant to drive, but when it came to the competition in its class, it had its work cut out for it.

Now, in an effort to tackle this, Volkswagen has replaced the Tiguan with the Tiguan Allspace. A longer car with a third row of seats, the Allspace is just as premium on the inside and is fitted with a strong, 190HP petrol motor.

With its fresh nose and new details, the Tiguan Allspace looks attractive from the front. however, despite having a third row and being larger than the Tiguan, the Allspace doesn’t quite have the stance of an SuV. Something like a Honda Cr-V is just so much more convincing. that said, you get leD headlights and tail-lights, and 18-inch alloy wheels on the outside. the interior has plenty of leather and soft-touch plastics that feel expensive. then there is the instrument cluster which (like on most modern luxury SuVs) is fully digital; and you also get an 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple and Android connectivity. Seating comfort is good too, with electrically adjustable seats, but let’s talk about the third row of the Allspace. Access, for one, is difficult; you need to tumble and flip the middle row seat, and then almost curl yourself up into a ball to get inside, and once you are settled in there’s actually very little space here.

This space is just about enough for children, and that too for short drives as it is cramped and uncomfortable here. the middle row can be moved ahead; and with it, the backrest too. even then, you can never really be comfortable in the back with all three rows occupied.

The Allspace gets VW’s 2.0-litre, turbo-petrol BS6 engine, which makes a decent 190hp. Performance is impressive, the Allspace clocking a time of 8.8sec in the 0-100kph sprint. the 7-speed DSG gearbox is a bit jerky at low revs but is also quick and responsive, and makes the driving experience enjoyable. It doesn’t have the punch of the diesel in the mid range and it takes its time to get going; but once the power comes in past 2,500rpm, delivery is very strong and the engine pulls hard all the way to the 6,500rpm redline. And if you stay on the throttle, the strong performance carries on to the next gear too.

New Discovery Sport 7 Seat Layout

Handling isn’t exactly exciting, though, and due to the stretched wheelbase and added length, agility is also not the same as on the regular Tiguan. ride comfort is decent. The Tiguan Allspace is in its comfort zone on highways, offering impressive stability at speeds, but it is firm in the city, especially over sharp bumps, where you tend to bounce around quite a lot.

The Tiguan Allspace then isn’t the perfect 7-seater. however, if you want a good and effortless highway cruiser with a solid build and a premium cabin, and you’re open to the idea of using the third row for children only or just as added boot space, this SUV might just fit the bill. Priced at Rs 33.12 lakh, it is a good Rs 2 lakh costlier than the standard Tiguan, but remember – you will be buying some exclusivity too, as the Allspace will be sold in limited numbers. So if you think you would want one, hurry up, take a test drive and decide.

Here are the Specifications :

PriceFrom Rs 33.12 lakh
Power 190hp at 4200rpm
Transmission7-speed automatic
Tyres235/55 R18
Volkswagen Tiguan Specifications


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